What We Do

Meet Housing & Basic Needs

There are many young people in our community who need a safe, secure place to stay as well as access to basic necessities like food, personal hygiene items and clothing. Pivot offers support and resources through its food pantry and clothing closets, as well as short and long-term housing solutions. Whether in the child welfare system, living on their own without parental support, formerly juvenile justice involved, or runaway—we can provide safe, stable housing.

From fear to hope.

Provide Education & Job Assistance

Pivot believes regardless of where a child is from or the barriers they face, they are worthy of having success in education, finding a job and planning for a career in the field they choose. At Pivot, part of each young person’s experience includes the opportunity to graduate from high school, further their education, gain vital life skills and achieve job readiness.

From alone to connected.

Prevention & Intervention

Bad decisions, environmental factors, addiction, unidentified trauma, lack of supervision and undiagnosed mental health disorders can lead youth down the wrong path. By addressing basic needs and housing stability, education and employment and providing therapeutic care — true prevention and intervention can happen. Through Pivot, youth are equipped to dramatically change the trajectory of their lives — helping them transition from a life of fear and instability to that of hope and opportunity.

From risk to opportunity.

Therapeutic Care

Pivot strives to address the root cause of behaviors, circumstances and barriers the youth we serve face. Our licensed therapists, youth advocates and specialists are trained to identify adverse childhood experiences that range from physical, emotional or sexual abuse, to community violence, parental divorce or the incarceration of a parent or guardian. Each young person who comes to Pivot has access to resources and services that address their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health needs. Pivot can also help with depression, poor nutrition, high risk behaviors, substance abuse, anxiety, unlawful actions and grief.

A turning point for youth.