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The Point is a drop-in center, emergency overnight shelter, and medical clinic.


At The Point, youth can find safety and rest, as well as shower and wash their clothes. 

Point youth have access to all the services that Pivot provides.


The Point is open from 4 P.M. to 8 P.M. for drop-in services and from 8 P.M. till 10 A.M. for overnight clients.


aging out of foster care and the juvenile justice system will be homeless within 6 months.

According to the United States Inter-agency Council on Homelessness (USICH),

multiple factors contribute to youth experiencing homelessness, such as family conflict, incarceration, mental health, substance use disorders, and pregnant and parenting youth.


These young people then transition into adulthood, lacking the necessary support and skills to be self-sufficient, which continues the cycle of addiction, incarceration, and poverty prevalent in our community. In Oklahoma City, 15% of the “countable” homeless population are younger than 24. The statistics for these populations are staggering.


Drop-In Center services are open to youth ages 16-24 who are experiencing homelessness and/or need a way to access resources.


Current homeless services in the city are geared towards adults or families experiencing homelessness.


Minors will be eligible for The Point’s services. Although those 18-24 years old are welcome in other shelters operated within the city, this age group has unique needs. It presents with a level of vulnerability that requires a specialized approach.


Safety is of the utmost importance, as are informed and driven services by the youth voice that occurs at The Point.


The Point includes a medical clinic designed to assist youth with their health and wellness needs and preventative services, eliminating transportation to an offsite location.


Transition age youth and young adults have access to annual exams, health checkups, preventive health care, treatment for illnesses, care for diabetes, asthma, women’s health services, family planning, prenatal care, immunizations and vaccinations, laboratory tests, and services, STD/HIV screenings, health education, etc.

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