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Pivot opened the first three homes in our Tiny Home community on our 12.5 acre campus.

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This community was created as a response to youth we were already serving, many of whom face homelessness.

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We provide stable housing for transitional age youth who find themselves living on their own without parental supervision.


Others experience displacement for a variety of reasons beyond their control; including parent incarceration, parent death, parent has moved out of the state... and so on.

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The Tiny Homes were strategically placed on Pivot's campus, which has staff onsite

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If a young person finds themselves in a crisis, someone will be accessible to them.

Our affordable and stable housing caters to their unique and vulnerable needs with the support and healthy connections to adults. As well as access to services that will allow them to develop skills to become self-reliant adults with a plan to achieve long term success.

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Each Tiny Home is complete with a bed, small kitchen, eating area and a bathroom, equating to a manageable living space.


Our goal is, not only, to house youth but to provide a community atmosphere, encouraging interactions with others that have had similar life experiences building good neighbors and competent citizens.

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Pivot provides opportunities for the youth to learn the necessary life skills needed to manage a living space, things most of us take for granted but they often lack.


Things such how to cook, do laundry, problem solving, budgeting, effective communication skills, drivers ed, etc.

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