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The Community Intervention Center (CIC) is a 24-hour holding facility that offers assistance to youth brought to us by law enforcement and connects them with needed services like food, clothing, housing, medical, counseling, or mentoring.

The CIC helps them understand court proceedings. CIC reviews the youth utilizing the Universal Screening, the ACE, and PACE assessments and connects them to the appropriate resource.

Bad decisions, environmental factors, addiction, unidentified trauma, lack of supervision, and undiagnosed mental health disorders can lead youth down the wrong path. By addressing basic needs and housing stability, education and employment and providing mental health and life skill sessions–True prevention and intervention can happen.

CIC will assist whomever law enforcement brings regardless of race or sexual identity.


However, our statistics show that 67% of the youth we saw were males. 54% were African American, 15% were Hispanic, and 26% were Caucasian. 42% were age 14 or younger, 20% were age 15, 18% were age 16, and 21% were age 17. Of the 1,445 arrests, 318 (22%) were felonies.

The behavior of runaway homeless youth is the leading cause for the need for CIC. There were 294 youth (20%) that were in need of supervision and considered runaway homeless in 2020. 


Through our program, youth have someone help them navigate the judicial system, understand why they have encountered law enforcement, and provide needed resources. CIC follows-up to see how they are doing and if they need anything along their journey.

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