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Pivot University provides training opportunities for the community.


Lead by expert Pivot staff, there are many chances to learn in different fields.

  • Tiny Home Workshops

  • CEUs

  • Professional Development

  • Therapeutic Care

  • Team Building

  • Development

Tiny Home Workshops

Interested in Learning how to Start a Tiny Home Neighborhood?

Maybe you want to build an intentional community for veterans, or the elderly, or homeless adults? This one-day workshop will cover everything from funding and construction to maintenance operations and the tenant handbook. We’re happy to share!


The workshops will be held in-person on the Pivot campus in Oklahoma City or as a virtual workshop.  We will open up 20 spots per date. 

The cost for the in-person workshop is $199. The cost for the virtual workshop is $99. If you have questions, comments or concerns, contact



Trauma Focused Supervision

Basic review of trauma and its relationship to substance abuse

Trauma informed skills when supervising others

Helping supervisees recognize their own trauma and its effects on clients 

Helping supervisees deal with vicarious trauma via reflective supervision and positive, healthy coping skills

Helping supervisees develop core competencies 

4 areas of trauma responsive supervision 





Discussion of ACEs & PACEs and implications of results

Staff Care - In a trauma responsive healthcare culture…care of the staff is paramount, hands-on ways to implement

Duration: 3 hours

Professional Development

Unlocking Personal Growth: Exploring the Enneagram 

Participants will delve into the profound insights offered by the Enneagram, a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth. By understanding the dynamics of their own personality and those of others, participants will gain valuable insights into their interpersonal relationships, communication styles, and areas for personal development.

Duration: XX


Therapeutic Care

False Narratives – How Perceptions Influence Our Reality

False narratives are deceptive tales woven from half-truths, misinformation, or outright lies, designed to manipulate perceptions, influence beliefs, or justify actions. They sow confusion, breed mistrust, and undermine the pursuit of truth, making discernment and critical thinking essential in navigating the landscape of information.  Learn how to recognize and re-story them with grace while maintaining accountability. 

Duration: 2 hours

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