We are a force for good, turning young lives around and setting their course for an empowered future.

  • The Challenge

    There are youth in our community who lack the building blocks and support to help them succeed. This puts them at risk for becoming homeless, unemployed, engaging in alcohol and drug abuse, unplanned pregnancies, as well as untreated mental health issues. 

  • Who We Serve

    Pivot works with young people lacking stability in their lives. They are sometimes homeless or couch homeless, alone or disengaged. Many live with damaging labels and shame. Almost all are ages 12 to 21 and have overwhelming barriers in their lives without the resources to overcome them and successfully transition into self-reliant adults.

  • The Solution

    Pivot provides programs and services that focus on meeting housing and basic needs; education and job assistance; mentoring and life skills development; prevention and intervention services; and therapeutic care. Pivot takes a youth-driven, strengths based, trauma responsive approach to empowering youth to transition into self-sufficient adults.

  • We are a Turning Point for Youth.

How Your Donation Helps

  • $5K

    Helps Fund Educational Opportunities for a Teen 

    Help young people realize their dreams
  • $1K

    Keeps Services Active for Teens in Your Community

    Give young people the best possible chance for success
  • $500

    Funds Living Expenses for Teens with no Support

    Provide safe, stable housing for youth in need
  • $250

    Sends a Teen to the Prom

    Provide a lifetime of memories for one of our teens
  • $100

    Helps Pay Graduation Expenses

    Fund a student's cap and gown costs
  • $50

    Purchases Groceries for a Struggling Youth

    Feed a Hungry Teen

News & Events

  • Celebrating Our Graduates

    Celebrating Our Graduates

    We are proud to announce that 43 seniors receiving support from Pivot and 22 members of our Teen Service Board graduated from high school this spring!

    Though the school year did not end like any of us expected, and many celebrations were cancelled, delayed or modified, their accomplishments are worth noting.

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  • The Point at Pivot Provides Safe Space for Homeless Youth

    The Point at Pivot Provides Safe Space for Homeless Youth

    For almost 50 years, Pivot, A Turning Point for Youth, has supported youth in our community. This spring, we are adding another service to better meet their needs. The Point at Pivot is a drop-in center and emergency shelter designed to assist young people experiencing homelessness.

    According to the 2019 Point in Time Count, there are approximately 85 unsheltered youth under the age of 24 each night in OKC. Pivot and a number of community partners recognize that not only is the number actually higher, it is unacceptable to leave youth unsheltered, exposed to the elements and at-risk each night.

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  • Partnership Provides Safety for Youth

    Partnership Provides Safety for Youth

    We are proud to partner with National Safe Place to be the partner in OKC.

    Youth under 18 who find themselves in crisis or dangerous situations can go to any OKC Fire Station or OnCue Express location and ask for help.

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