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Celebrating Our Graduates

Updated on July 08, 2020

We are proud to announce that 43 seniors receiving support from Pivot and 22 members of our Teen Service Board graduated from high school this spring!

Though the school year did not end like any of us expected, and many celebrations were cancelled, delayed or modified, their accomplishments are worth noting.

We typically hold a graduation party for our seniors each year with all the fanfare – food, games, gifts and words of wisdom. While we were unable to do that this year, we adapted and celebrated this milestone as best we could, making sure our graduates felt celebrated. Pivot advocates visited them at home (safely, of course) and dropped off gifts and snapped pics to mark the occasion.

We know that graduating is special for every youth, but for some, it’s something they never thought they could accomplish. Pivot is honored to be part of these young people’s stories and support them as they work to overcome obstacles and succeed.

Donna is the first in her family to graduate from high school. Not only was she juggling school and work, Donna was often left to care for her younger brother and figure out how to pay the bills and grocery shop when her mother was absent for long periods of time. After struggling for a while, she became overwhelmed and asked for help.

When Donna came to Pivot, we were able to help her meet basic needs like food and clothes for school. Her advocate helped her work on her resume and apply for jobs that would let her have time for school and studying. Donna connected with staff and other students through activities at Pivot and learned skills to help her cope with tough situations. She has also identified college and career options to help her plan for a bright future.

Donna admits it hasn’t been easy, but she now knows she has a resource to turn to when she encounters a crisis. “I really appreciate and value the things Pivot does so much. I’d like to help people like that one day.”

Twenty two members of our Teen Service Board are also graduating and we’re excited to see what they accomplish next. Over the past year (or two if they’ve been with us for multiple terms), they have learned valuable skills and made connections through TSB activities. They have also completed several projects that benefit other youth. We are sad that our year with them got cut short, but are grateful for all they got to do together this term.

"We really appreciate the 2020 TSB Seniors for their teamwork and all they have contributed to the success of Pivot,"  Norman Markland, TSB facilitator and independent living  team lead, said. "We enjoyed our time with them and wish them all the best."

Congratulations, graduates!