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From Risk to Opportunity - Tabitha

Updated on January 14, 2019

“Tabitha was knocked down a lot, but she always got back up,” said Jennifer Goodrich.

Tabitha came through Pivot’s doors when she was 16 years old and two years behind in school. While she says she never saw her single mom struggle, with seven other siblings to care for, it’s easy to get lost. Tabitha started hanging out with the wrong crowd and was out of school for almost nine months.

“And then I got tired of being around all that negativity…kids not wanting better for themselves,” said Tabitha.

She decided to make a change. Her older brother helped her get back into Santa Fe South High School and enrolled in their credit recovery program. Even though she fell out of the program twice, Santa Fe continued to accept her back in and worked with her to catch her up in school. She’ll walk this May, earning her high school diploma at 22-years-old.

Pivot was able to move her into one of our onsite apartments, so she had easy access to both counseling and to our youth advocates. Pivot’s youth advocates are closely involved with the area high schools on credit recovery programs, and the team at Pivot is also providing employment assistance. Pivot was able to help Tabitha obtain her driver’s license and now she’s able to work, attend school and take her 5-month-old son to daycare.

Later this month, Tabitha will start classes at Oklahoma City Community College for child development. Her future goals include having her own daycare so she can care for her son and other local children.

It’s easy to lose motivation the further we get away from our goals. It takes courage to keep moving forward every time we hit a bump, and these kids face some huge challenges. What keeps us inspired at Pivot is the resilience of the youth we serve. They have grit – “a special blend of persistence and passion.”