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Impact Oklahoma Selects Pivot's Tiny Home Project

Updated on August 21, 2018

Did you hear? In late April, Impact Oklahoma awarded Pivot one of their coveted $100,000 impact grants for our Pivotal Impact – Independent Living proposal. This generous gift has opened doors for us to start a new conversation and take action to address the challenge of teens and young adults who find themselves homeless or at-risk of homelessness due to lack of safe, transitional living space. They may be living on their own without parental support, have aged out of Oklahoma’s foster care system or experienced previous involvement with child welfare and/or the juvenile justice system.


Impact Oklahoma’s funding will be used to build three tiny homes, each one with a bed, small kitchen and bathroom, right here on Pivot’s campus. The homes will house three young tenants, and a baby/toddler or a sibling for which they are responsible. Their tiny home would serve as transitional living until they’re ready to move to their own independent residence. These tiny homes will be the first in a planned community of individual homes to serve as transitional housing for Pivot’s young clients.  


Pivot is truly on the cutting edge when it comes to our vision of this community of tiny homes. In just a short time, our community partners have come together by providing in-kind services and expertise, along with supplies and resources.


Our ultimate vision is a community of 84 homes. Can you imagine what that will do for the disadvantaged youth in our community?! Living independently is one of the most empowering influencers to successfully transition youth into healthy, productive adults. When housing and basic needs are met, stress is reduced and they have space to develop the necessary skills for longer term success. By continuing to foster trusting, therapeutic relationships through this transition, clients begin to recognize and choose opportunities for positive change.


This is the beginning of what Pivot believes to be one answer to youth homelessness in our community – we believe the tiny home movement is a viable solution to housing youth desperately in need of a place to live.


To learn more about the project or see how you can help us at this time, click here!


Back to School Special Request

Because of your past support, so many kids have earned their high school diploma, several more have gone on to further their education and still others learned the skills needed to join the workforce. You’ve helped us turn the lives around for the young people who've come through our doors.


Unfortunately, more vulnerable teens in our community are struggling. Too many kids don’t have their basic needs met and may end up on the street and not in school where they belong.


Take Angel. She was kicked out of her home when she became pregnant at 17. Support from donors like you allowed Pivot to connect Angel with a caring adult who helped her obtain health insurance, find a doctor for prenatal care and transport her to and from her checkups. Angel also received much needed newborn items and the resources needed to purchase her cap and gown for graduation.


Angel gave birth to a healthy baby in April and graduated in May with her high school diploma. She'll start classes this fall at Oklahoma City Community College.


Will you help us move more young people from a place of fear and instability to hope and opportunity? Your gift will ensure teens like Angel start the school year with the resources they need to not only survive but thrive – which are not always paper and pen, but food and shelter, tutoring and mentoring and the therapeutic care needed to overcome any internal barriers they might face.


Please make a gift  today.