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The Moment of Change

Updated on February 08, 2018

Since 1972, Youth Services for Oklahoma County has positively impacted the lives of young people and their families.

While our services have impacted thousands, our name has been a source of confusion for those outside our orbit. Many would-be supporters have had trouble understanding our role. “Are you a government agency?” some asked, due to our institutional sounding name. “Why should I donate — don’t you get money from the state?” others asked. And often, people even ask, “What exactly do you do?” It was time for a change.

To better tell our story, we worked with local advertising agency Insight Creative Group (ICG). We needed something approachable, a name that spoke to the kids we serve, the communities in which we live and the supporters who make our mission possible. After multiple interviews with our team and dozens of new ideas, we arrived at a solution: a name and logo that speaks to what we stand for and the impact we have on young lives.

Pivot: A Turning Point for Youth.

Our new name is about that moment when young people realize, “yes, I can do this!” It’s the point where confidence, self-esteem and the support of a dedicated adult inspire a positive change that leads to a lifetime of success and fulfillment. Our new logo, a stylized treatment of our name, has energy, movement and youthfulness.

But it's about more than just a new name and logo. It's about a rededication to the youth of our community. Because a single decision, or a circumstance outside of our control, can affect our lives for years to come. We're here to help the adults of tomorrow make the right choices today.


Kami Kuykendall, President and CEO
Pivot: A Turning Point for Youth