Meet Housing & Basic Needs

Youth Emergency Shelter

For a variety of reasons, there are young people in our community who need a safe and secure temporary place to stay. Our 24-hour facility has space for up to 18 youths between the ages of 12 and 17. Whether in DHS custody, living on their own without parental support, or having run away from home, the youth who stay with us are provided:

  • Clean, warm beds and nutritious meals
  • Counseling and emotional support
  • Treatment for health issues
  • Ability to attend school and get tutoring
  • Life skills training and practice
  • Recreational and socialization activities

Supporting Kids in Independent Living (SKIL)

Young people living on their own without parental support are at great risk of being presented with a number of difficult obstacles to overcome. Homelessness in youth often results in increased criminal activity, victimization, unsafe sexual practices and untreated mental health issues. The SKIL staff provide a comprehensive array of services ensuring young people have access to resources in the areas of:

  • Safe and stable housing
  • Education and post secondary education
  • Employment skills and readiness
  • Life skills training and practice
  • Positive, supportive relationships