Day in the Life Simulation

Have you ever wondered what the challenges our youth face look like? How being on their own, not having stable housing, access to food or resources might seem overwhelming? Be on the lookout for Pivot’s next ‘A Day in the Life’ simulation to help you better understand the barriers our youth face, and how Pivot helps these kids not only overcome their barriers but thrive in a future of hope and opportunity. 

Here's what participants have said about their experience.

“This simulation furthered my understanding of the complexities young people face while trying to navigate difficult life situations. Finding resolution goes beyond making “good decisions.” It involves frustration and persistence when resources are inaccessible, oftentimes due to time and place. This experience furthered my awareness of and empathy for those, particularly youth, who struggle daily to attain reliable access to housing, employment, and functional support systems.” 

Dr. Bryan Duke, Assistant Dean, College of Education and Professional Studies

“The ‘A Day in the Life’ simulation was eye opening.  As an adult, the struggles modeled were daunting and frustrating.  To expect soon to be adults to navigate these without help and support is not a recipe for success.  My hope is that everyone will attend one of these and then come away with a heart to help these great young people achieve the best possible outcomes.”

Barbara Young, Manager – Construction Services, Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores